Microsoft finds several flaws in pre-installed apps on Android

pre-installed apps

When buying a new smartphone, it’s normal to come with pre-installed apps, especially those from phone operators or those installed by equipment manufacturers and those that have become a staple in every phone. But on many occasions, users do not fully understand that these apps can cause serious security flaws. Get all the details of […]

Myths about the Cloud in 2022

myths about the cloud

The cloud is one of the most used technologies by both individuals and companies. However, there are still many myths around it, even in the middle of 2022. But all companies and users must overcome them and continue exploring the great advantages offered by cloud computing services the cloud online. In today’s article, we tell […]

An unresolved flaw in PayPal can harm its users


PayPal is a digital currency service used globally by many users, especially those who work independently or businesses that want to offer various forms of payment. However, since the end of last year, a cybersecurity researcher found a flaw in the money transfer system, which remains unsolved until now. Find out all the details in […]

A Venezuelan doctor is the mastermind behind Thanos Ransomware

Thanos Ransomware

This Monday, the United States Department of Justice has raised several accusations against a Venezuelan cardiologist for being the author of Thanos Ransomware, which has been wreaking havoc in the world since its first appearance. What no one expected is that a renowned doctor from Venezuela was the mastermind behind all these illegal acts. Learn […]

WordPress sites have been hacked to redirect them to scam sites

WordPress Sites

The last few weeks, WordPress has been under many attacks. These have shown great planning as they attack not only plugins, but are capable of injecting vulnerable code that makes visited sites lead to others, which will trick visitors. In April, there was a wave of attacks exploiting weaknesses in the plugins WordPress sites rely […]

A Nerbian RAT is targeting entities in Italy, Spain and The U.K.

Nerbian RAT

A remote access trojan (RAT) that had not been documented until recently has been wreaking havoc in Europe, especially entities in countries such as Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. This Trojan uses covid-19-themed phishing techniques to trick users into gaining unauthorized access. Learn more about the Nerbian RAT with this article. Read: Spain’s public […]

Spain’s public administration is under the radar of cybercriminals

Spain's public administration

Spain has become a focal point for cybercriminal activities, from spying on big names in the Spanish government to attacking different organizations and systems of public institutions. The last blow is for the City Council of Lugo, but this attack only shows how weak many public systems are not only in Spain but throughout the […]

Learn what are the biggest password problems

password problems

Today, being World Password Day, we are going to talk about a very important topic, one that everyone seems to avoid just for their own comfort. Creating a strong password is not complicated and only takes a couple of minutes. The problem is that most users go with what they quickly remember or are familiar […]

Microsoft discovers new privilege escalation flaws in Linux

privilege escalation flaws

The Microsoft 365 Defender team discovered two privilege escalation flaws in Linux operating system. These flaws are worrisome as they can cause further damage by giving access for various malicious operations. Although Linux was long thought to be one of the most secure systems, it is now known that cybercriminals have only looked for more […]