Myths about the Cloud in 2022

The cloud is one of the most used technologies by both individuals and companies. However, there are still many myths around it, even in the middle of 2022. But all companies and users must overcome them and continue exploring the great advantages offered by cloud computing services the cloud online. In today’s article, we tell you more about these myths and their truths.

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Myths about the cloud only stop the digitization of organizations

The cloud has gained momentum in recent years due to the covid-19 pandemic and a somewhat uncertain future in terms of health. Companies have been forced to migrate their systems and important data to home offices. Only the cloud can offer world-class security to connect so many teams outside the company.

Although the digitization of organizations has been promoted, and there are even companies that work purely with home offices, there is still a long way to go in this area. All this affects the confidence that companies and workers can give the cloud, so the myths about the cloud must be disproved. Read the information below to learn more.


One of the biggest myths is that if the organization is not using cloud technology, it will not advance in the market. This is false; the cloud itself is purely for the company’s internal systems. Of course, offering a system to customers supported by the cloud is beneficial, but if you are not completely sure of its use, it is not recommended. Hence, there are many companies that rush to transfer their systems and data to the cloud without taking the correct measures and waiting for the appropriate times, leaving themselves exposed to cybercriminals.


Many organizations believe that cloud technology that works for the competition also works for their company. When, in reality, each company can customize cloud services to their systems, their needs, and the cybersecurity that their data needs. In fact, in recent years, customization has been key in the cloud market.


The digital world will always be in danger of being exposed by cybercriminals, but cybersecurity systems must always be improved, and new techniques must be found that prevent falling under the trap of hackers, something to which Eagle Tech Corp is 100% committed. But that hasn’t removed the stigma that the cloud isn’t secure. In reality, the cloud is extremely secure as long as it is understood how to use it and the cybersecurity parameters are carried out, something that all workers with access to it must learn. It is also recommended to look for the best cloud technology that there may be. This will never be a bad investment.

Time and size

For small and medium-sized industries, the same for entrepreneurs who are starting, thinking of hiring a cloud service sounds ridiculous. This is simply because they consider that they do not have the experience in the market nor the appropriate size as an organization to hire this service. The truth is that, regardless of time, number of employees, or production, any company or organization can request the service.


For many companies, one of the myths about the cloud that most worries them is the accessibility capacity for all their employees and senior management. It must be understood that there are workers and managers with many years of service, who even started with just a sheet and pencil, but now they are witnesses of all the technological changes that the industry faces. Nothing to worry about; cloud systems are very simple and adaptable to each worker.

In short, the myths about the cloud are just bad information that is being shared online. Most of them come from people who have had bad times in the cloud simply because they don’t fully understand, comprehend and exploit all the uses that can be given to it, even for personal use.

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myths about the cloud

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