Learn what are the biggest password problems

Today, being World Password Day, we are going to talk about a very important topic, one that everyone seems to avoid just for their own comfort. Creating a strong password is not complicated and only takes a couple of minutes. The problem is that most users go with what they quickly remember or are familiar with, creating passwords that are too easy to crack. Read on to learn more about the password problem.

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The biggest password problems and how to make them secure

At the cybersecurity level, passwords have become a major headache. A large part of users still doesn’t understand the importance of creating passwords that meet not only the page requirements, but also security conditions to avoid unwanted access. These are the most common password problems and the risks involved:

  • Number of characters: many people like to use passwords of only 6 characters, and they usually go like this: 123456, 012345, 654321. Firstly, using only numbers is counterproductive because they are not difficult to guess; secondly, passwords of up to 12 characters are currently requested, which must have a combination of letters, numbers, and special symbols.
  • Names: using common, personal, or family names is another big mistake and risk. If someone shows details of their life through online platforms, it is not difficult to learn those names. If you use your own, it is like leaving the way free for cybercriminals. It is best to use terms or words that you understand and are familiar with but are not common. Don’t forget numbers and symbols.
  • Hobbies: many users, when reading the recommendations, decide to put something that has nothing to do with them or the family, resulting in passwords such as realmadridchampion, yankeesbestteam, favorite book, and even a song. But if those hobbies and tastes are reflected in their social networks, it is not difficult to crack the password.

Security to solve password problems

As stated previously, it is best to use a password consisting of 12 characters, including upper and lower case letters, special symbols, and at least 3 numbers. But another way to have a secured account is by activating two-step authentication; not only is the password requested, but a unique code will be sent to each user at the time of access.

However, everything moves forward and changes, especially in the digital world. It is estimated that, in a few years, passwords will be forgotten to give way to patterns and biometric data. Eyes, fingerprints, and face recognition are unique to each person, which gives another layer of security to each account, putting an end to password problems.

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