Zero Threat Prevention

Only allow specific applications to run as administrator with elevation control
Restrict access to your data to only the applications that need it
Zero Threat Prevention Allow what you need, and block everything else...including Ransomware
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Allowlisting only permits approved files to execute and blocks everything else. Being policy-driven, allowlisting gives IT professionals complete control over their environments to quickly and easily manage what software is allowed to run, effectively blocking malicious software.


Rinfencing Allows for granular control over what applications are allowed to do. Rinfencing enables you to limit interaction between applications, and their access to files, the registry, and the Internet. It helps to protect you against the weaponization of trusted applications while mitigation the risks posed by application vulnerabilities.

Elevation Control

Run selected applications as a local administrator without making users local administrators. Just-in-time elevation on a temporary or per-application basis allows organizations to remove local admin permissions without stopping productivity.

Storage Control

Storage Control gives you control over all storage device access including USB devices, network shares, and even individual files to help protect data. The solution limits access to data by applicAtion, controls data exfiltration, and minimizes the damage caused by cyberattacks

Network Access Control

Lockdown endpoints and block both inbound and outbound network traffic. Network Access Control allows you to protect your endpoints and servers from untrusted devices on your LAN or the internet. With Dynamic ACLs, you can automatically open ports based on a trusted device location.

Our Partners

24/7 Support

Our Cyber Security Team are an essential part of Eagle Tech and always go above and beyond to find quick and efficient solutions to any problems they are tasked with. Whether they are offering technical support, helping customers and their needs, or taking part in cybersecurity focus events, they take pride in their role and ability to serve the IT industry.


At Eagle Tech our dedicated Cyber Security team work 24/7/365 to ensure they deliver the best-in-class support to all of our customers. As experts in their field, they bring a vast amount of cybersecurity knowledge and experience to Eagle Tech to help educate, guide and encourage IT Professionals to enhance their cybersecurity infrastructures.

Prevent, detect and respond to any cyber threat

In today’s world, cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, posing a serious threat to business and their reputation. They need a reliable and effective solution to protect data, systems, and customers from these malicious actors. 

That’s why Eagle Tech Corp has implemented Zero Threat Prevention, a comprehensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity that leverages advanced technology and expert services to prevent, detect and respond to any cyber threat. Zero Threat Prevention is not just a product; it’s people and partnership. 

We work with the client to understand their needs, customize solutions, and provide ongoing support and guidance. Whether they are small businesses or large enterprises, we have the right solution for them. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us and get started with Zero Threat Prevention, the ultimate cybersecurity solution for businesses.