Alleged members of Lapsus$ were arrested in London

Lapsus$ has become the most wanted cybercriminal group so far after the series of hacks in recent months with high-impact profiles such as Samsung, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and others. It should be noted that their first big blow was last December to a ministry in Brazil. How have they managed to do so much damage with […]

North Korean hackers took advantage of Chrome Zero-Day

A few months ago, a Zero-Day bug was reported in the Chrome browser, which was fixed and led Google to ask its users for an urgent update. But the repercussions of said failure were unknown until now. The team of the giant based in Mountain View has revealed certain events that are of interest that […]

Microsoft is Lapsus$’s latest victim

This time, the extortion group Lapsus$ went against Microsoft, obtaining around 40GB of information. Both parties confirmed and announced the attack, increasing this group’s danger, though there are not many details about them. This adds to the series of attacks on important profiles in the world. Learn more about this new security breach in the […]

Toei Animation suffers a delay in its schedule due to a hack

The Japanese company, Toei Animation, has suffered a delay in the release schedule of new episodes due to the unidentified access of a third party. This hack has turned the company upside down, and it continues to investigate how it happened and all the repercussions it brings. Many fans are somewhat surprised, but at the […]

Ubisoft suffers a cyberattack

The French company dedicated to videogames, Ubisoft, confirmed last Friday that it was the victim of a new cyberattack. There are several pertinent details about this new one, which is just another drop in a wave of attacks on big names, including Samsung, NVIDIA, and Vodafone. This article will show a bit more of what […]

Microsoft releases its March update package

Every few weeks, Microsoft releases a new update package to fix bugs and vulnerabilities, which is known as patching. This serves to protect users from possible failures or unwanted access to their systems and, therefore, their data. And it’s not just Microsoft that releases these packages; many companies do this. Learn more details in the […]

Samsung is the new victim of the LAPSUS$ group

The electronics company Samsung, very famous for its smartphones, has become a new victim of the extortion group LAPSUS$. In this new attack, the stolen data shows details of the very popular Galaxy series. This one is added to the new wave of attacks on big brands that are going on in the year. Learn […]

NVIDIA suffers cyberattack that exposes important data

NVIDIA is an American company dedicated to manufacturing chips for supercomputers, but in February, it was a new victim of cybercriminals. According to researchers and the perpetrators themselves, they managed to gain access to confidential data that ranges from information on their employees and credentials to source codes of their technologies. More information will be […]