What hackers are hunting when they attack

Many are quite familiar with the term hacking thanks to movies and TV shows, but what exactly are the hackers hunting during those exciting and action-packed scenes? Well, the answer is not far from reality, just a little more boring than what appears in those fictional stories. Hackers are hunting any valuable data that they can find; learn more about it in this article!

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How hackers are hunting the data 

For any hacker, data is the most valuable thing to get, so it’s pretty easy to understand why they hunt that. Getting information from any of their targets is exciting, interesting and, in the end, many can get a respectable sum of money. But how do they hunt that data? With these techniques:

Network Hacking 

With a little hole on the firewall or open ports in the network, any respectable hacker can gain access to the entire network and systems. That way, they can check out any file, sensible information that is saved in any device connected to that network. 

Password Hacking

Weak passwords are the easiest way to be vulnerable online. This is one of the main reasons for attacks from cybercriminals. Passwords coming from family, important dates, or things that are dear to us are easy to discover, and writing them down on the notes app or a post-it putting it on the desk is also risky. Better go with strong passwords!

Phishing Schemes

With this technique, hackers easily trick their target with a simple email from a familiar person or a company, requesting changing credentials, and with the link attached to the content, a malware will be installed on the computer and giving access to the hacker. This is pretty common in corporate emails. 

Third Party 

Many businesses and organizations use the services provided by a third party. They can have access to any system and, of course, they possess a lot of data that is valuable for the hacker. Many times than not, the third parties are the target instead of the main business

Through any of these techniques, hackers are hunting for the next target and hoping to catch a big one to get information that can be very well paid, especially on the dark web. At Eagle Tech Corp, we have a professional team ready to secure all systems and data from any organization. Give us a call!

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