Verizon suffers a breach in its systems and warns affected users

The telecommunications company Verizon alerted an undisclosed number of users that they suffered a security breach, which led the attackers to obtain users’ credit card information, among other data. In addition to exposing these accounts to SIM swapping attacks. The company released its own statement, but some details do not match what was stated by […]

Meta finds 400 apps that steal Facebook credentials

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has released a statement showing the results of an investigation. This bulletin indicates, in detail, that 400 applications have put the credentials of almost a million users at risk, which can be found in both the Android and Apple stores. But there are more details which will be discussed […]

Google is turning on the two-factor authentication for every user

The two-factor authentication has become a new layer of security for many systems and services. Still, the most recent one to implement it as a mandatory feature is Google, enrolling about 150 million users automatically before the year ends. There are some details about this change; keep reading to find out more! Read: GriftHorse is […]