Digitel Temporarily Blocks Servers After a Cyberattack

Venezuelan telecommunications company Digitel experienced service disruptions yesterday due to a cyberattack detected in its systems. As a precautionary measure, the company temporarily blocked its servers to mitigate it. 

While communication services remain unaffected, users reported difficulties accessing the Digitel website, recharging their mobile balances, and reaching customer support through call centers.

Prioritizing Security and Minimizing Disruption

“We detected security vulnerabilities in our system and took immediate action to block our servers to prevent any potential attacks,” confirmed a Digitel representative to a local news portal. 

The company emphasizes that this measure prioritizes the security of its customers’ data and aims to minimize service disruption in the long run.

Communication Services Remain Operational

Despite the temporary server block, Digitel assures its customers that their communication services, including voice calls, data, and SMS, are currently functioning normally. 

This means users can continue using their mobile phones for communication purposes without experiencing any interruptions.

Addressing Customer Concerns

While essential communication services remain unaffected, the temporary server block has impacted other functionalities, including website access, balance recharge options, and call center availability. 

Digitel acknowledges these inconveniences and assures its customers that its technical teams are working diligently to restore full service as quickly as possible.

Transparency and Updates

Digitel has committed to keeping its customers informed throughout this process. The company is expected to provide further updates on the situation through its official communication channels, including social media and the company website.

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