WhatsApp Enhances User Privacy with Three New Security Features

WhatsApp announced the introduction of several new security features: Device Verification, Account Protect, and Automatic Security Codes. These features are designed to enhance the privacy and security of WhatsApp users, who rely on the app for personal and professional communication.

WhatsApp presents these three new features

Device Verification is a feature that helps prevent mobile device malware from taking over your WhatsApp account and sending unwanted messages. WhatsApp has added checks to authenticate your account without requiring any action from you, and to alert you if your device is compromised.

“To help prevent this, we have added checks to help authenticate your account – with no action needed from you – and better protect you if your device is compromised. This lets you continue using WhatsApp uninterrupted.”

This feature has already been rolled out to all users of Android and is currently also rolling out to iOS users worldwide.

Account Protect is a feature that helps you switch your WhatsApp account to a new device securely. If you need to move your account to another device, WhatsApp may ask you to verify your identity on your old device as an extra security check. This can help you avoid unauthorized attempts to access your account.

Automatic Security Codes is a feature that helps you verify that your messages are end-to-end encrypted, which means only you and the person you’re chatting with can read them. You can check this by tapping on the encryption tab under a contact’s info. WhatsApp has made this process easier by using a technique called “Key Transparency” that allows you to verify that you have a secure connection automatically.

“Our most security-conscious users have always been able to take advantage of our security code verification feature, which helps ensure you are chatting with the intended recipient,” says WhatsApp.

These new security features are part of WhatsApp’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security for its two billion users around the world. WhatsApp also offers other security features that you can turn on, such as two-step verification and end-to-end encrypted backups. You can learn more about these features on WhatsApp’s blog or website.

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