Cybersecurity in Latin America: Strengths and weaknesses

Cybersecurity in Latin America is an important aspect that has been growing over the years. But, in these times that require stronger security in many different fields, Latin American countries are showing a desire to improve their security in the digital world. Today’s article will show the strengths and weaknesses of this region regarding cybersecurity.

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Strengths of cybersecurity in Latin America

One of the top strengths in cybersecurity of the region is the high rate of connectivity, especially in urban areas where almost 71% of people are connected through some kind of device. This number is lower in the rural areas, only reaching 37% of connectivity, but in the region, the number is a stable 68%. This is not a surprise because, since the ‘90s, Latin American governments have been fundamental actors in the massification of connectivity. 

In 2004, a year where many countries were struggling with internet and connectivity, the member states of OAS approved a coordinated regional framework called: “Estrategia Interamericana Integral para Combatir las Amenazas a la Seguridad Cibernética” (Comprehensive Inter-American Strategy to Combat Threats to Cybersecurity), which was an advanced move for that time. In the following years, with the growth of the connectivity and expansion of data traffic, this framework has changed and improved to reinforce cybersecurity and update new technologies. 

Each state member has started to regulate the internet services to fulfill the different international and local laws, plus cybersecurity conventions, to ensure each user’s safety online. Mexico and Brazil, two leading countries in financial technologies, are putting big efforts into better cybersecurity. But other countries like Chile, Colombia, or Uruguay are doing the same to protect not only their inhabitants but also their infrastructure and organizations. This will continue to grow, and we can see new advances and regulations in the years to come.

Weaknesses of cybersecurity in Latin America

There are several weaknesses that the region must face and deal with to improve its cybersecurity. They can be divided into three major points: 

  • Backward or outdated technological infrastructure, even when the connectivity is higher than other regions, much of the infrastructure needs an update.
  • The overcrowding of mobile devices, especially the ones with Android; a very fragile operating system exposed to different malware.
  • The lack of professionals and technicians with solid training in cybersecurity. They can provide advice to institutions and companies, which is the major weakness of the region. 

If the major players step up and present strategies directed to eliminate these weaknesses, cybersecurity in Latin America can be the best in the world. But this is an effort that both parties must understand; the governments and the people should be aware of this and help in everything they can. Keep in touch with our blog to read the latest news and innovations in the cybersecurity world. 

Cybersecurity in Latin America
Latin America is a big market, but it’s the perfect target for cybercriminals.

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