How a Cyberattack Exposed Customer Data of Mr. Cooper

mr. cooper

Mr. Cooper, the largest home loan servicer in the United States, has confirmed that some of its customer data was exposed during a cyberattack on October 31.  The data breach has exposed the personal information of some of its customers. The company sent a notice to the affected ones informing them of the incident and […]

Cyberattack disrupts Philadelphia Inquirer ‘s print and online operations

Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer, a historic and prominent daily newspaper in the United States, is working on restoring systems impacted by what was described as a cyberattack that hit its network over the weekend. The attack, which was first detected on Saturday morning, disrupted the print production of the Sunday edition and forced staff members to […]

Los Angeles school district was the victim of a ransomware attack

The second largest school district in the United States fell victim to a ransomware attack this past weekend. Los Angeles school district took immediate action, going as far as shutting down all of its computer systems. However, this attack is just one of many that have taken place in the country, specifically targeting educational institutions […]