How Mac Users Can Protect Themselves from Proxy Trojan Malware Attacks

Mac Users

Cybersecurity experts have recently uncovered a new proxy trojan malware campaign targeting Mac users who download pirated software from warez sites.  The malware infects the users’ computers and turns them into proxy servers that cybercriminals can use to hide their identity and location while conducting malicious or illegal activities online. What is proxy trojan malware, […]

Emonet malware now attacks Chrome Browser

Emonet malware was widely named during the year 2020. However, after a major operation by the authorities, the attack infrastructure of this Trojan was dismantled. At the end of 2021, it appeared again, and this year it has been very active. It is currently attacking Chrome to steal users’ credit card information, which Google’s browser […]

A Nerbian RAT is targeting entities in Italy, Spain and The U.K.

A remote access trojan (RAT) that had not been documented until recently has been wreaking havoc in Europe, especially entities in countries such as Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. This Trojan uses covid-19-themed phishing techniques to trick users into gaining unauthorized access. Learn more about the Nerbian RAT with this article. Read: Spain’s public […]

Microsoft discovers a variant of UpdateAgent malware for Mac computers

The team in charge of searching, recognizing, and investigating threats at Microsoft has found an undocumented Trojan that attacks and infects Mac computers called UpdateAgent. The most interesting thing, and what worries the team at the Windows company, is its ability to progress since its first appearance in September 2020. This article will show the […]