Artificial Intelligence Shadow on Cybersecurity: NCSC Warns of Escalating Ransomware Threat

Artificial Intelligence

The United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a stark warning: in the near future, artificial intelligence (AI) will become a potent weapon in the cybercriminal arsenal, significantly amplifying the threat of ransomware attacks.  This assessment, outlined in the NCSC’s recent report on the impact of AI on cyber-operations, underscores the urgent need […]

ALPHV Ransomware Site Outage: Law Enforcement Action Suspected


The ALPHV ransomware gang, also known as BlackCat, has inexplicably disappeared online. Their website, used to communicate with victims and leak stolen data, has been offline for several days, fueling speculation of law enforcement intervention. While no official confirmation exists, security researchers and news outlets like BleepingComputer suspect the outage is a result of action […]

Tipalti Investigates Data Breach Claims by Ransomware Gang


Tipalti, a leading provider of accounting and payment solutions, has confirmed that it is investigating claims by a ransomware group that they breached its network and stole 256 GB of data, including data from some of its high-profile customers. The ransomware group, known as ALPHV, posted a message on its dark web leak site on […]

How Boeing’s Data Breach Exposed Its Vulnerability to Ransomware Attacks

Boing Logo

Boeing, one of the world’s leading aerospace companies, has suffered a major data breach at the hands of the LockBit ransomware gang. The hackers have published online a sample of the stolen data, which includes sensitive information about Boeing’s commercial airplanes and defense systems. The data leak occurred after Boeing failed to respond to the […]

Serco Inc Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of Thousands

Serco Inc Data Breach

Serco Inc, the Americas division of multinational outsourcing company Serco Group, has disclosed a data breach that affected over 10,000 individuals. The breach occurred after attackers stole the personal information of current and former employees, contractors, and suppliers from a third-party vendor’s MoveIT managed file transfer (MFT) server. Read: Brave Search Launches Its Own Image […]

Hawaiʻi Community College Pays Ransom to NoEscape Ransomware Gang

Hawaiʻi Community College

Hawaiʻi Community College (HCC) has admitted that it paid a ransom to ransomware actors to prevent the leaking of stolen data of approximately 28,000 people. The data included personal and financial information of students, faculty, and staff. HCC is an accredited public community college operating two campuses on the island of Hawaii and is part […]

Swiss government hit by double cyberattack: ransomware and DDoS

Swiss government

The Swiss government has disclosed that a recent ransomware attack on an IT supplier might have impacted its data, while days later, it warned that it was targeted in DDoS attacks. The IT supplier in question is Xplain, a Swiss technology provider that supplies software solutions to various government departments, administrative units, and even the […]

Cyberattack disrupts Philadelphia Inquirer ‘s print and online operations

Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer, a historic and prominent daily newspaper in the United States, is working on restoring systems impacted by what was described as a cyberattack that hit its network over the weekend. The attack, which was first detected on Saturday morning, disrupted the print production of the Sunday edition and forced staff members to […]

City of Toronto hit by ransomware attack, data leak by Clop gang

The City of Toronto has become the latest victim of a cyberattack by the Clop ransomware group, which has been exploiting a vulnerability in a file transfer tool used by many organizations. The city confirmed that some of its data was accessed by unauthorized parties through a third-party vendor on March 20, 2023. Clop ransomware […]

The impact of a year-long cyberattack on LA Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) has revealed that it suffered a data breach following a ransomware attack on December 31, 2022. The public housing agency, which provides affordable housing to low-income families in LA, said that unauthorized actors accessed its network and endpoints between January 15 and December 31 of […]