Google Makes Passkeys the Default Sign-in Option

passkey default sign-in option

Google announced today that from now on, passkeys are the default sign-in option across all personal Google Accounts. This means that users can now sign in to their accounts without entering a password or using 2-Step Verification (2SV) when logging in. Read: Google Enables Real-Time Phishing Protection for All Chrome Users Google announced that passkeys […]

No more passwords: GitHub rolls out passkey support in public beta


GitHub has made a significant step forward in enhancing the security and convenience of its platform by launching passwordless authentication support in public beta. This feature, which is available for users who opt-in, enables them to replace their security keys with passkeys, a new type of credential that works across devices and browsers. Read: Exchange […]

Passwords are becoming more insecure

There is always talk in the cybersecurity area about passwords since each platform asks us to have one, and it is recommended that they be different; never use the same one in two places. But, as technology advances, so do the ways to steal passwords. That’s why experts are looking for ways to know their […]