Iranian Cyber Espionage Group Targets Defense Contractors with Novel Backdoor Malware

Cyber Espionage

Cybersecurity researchers at Microsoft have uncovered a targeted cyber espionage campaign orchestrated by the Iranian nation-state hacking group, APT33 (also known as Peach Sandstorm, HOLMIUM, or Refined Kitten). The campaign focuses on deploying a recently discovered backdoor malware, dubbed “FalseFont,” to compromise individuals working for organizations within the crucial Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sector. The […]

Exchange email accounts hacked by a Chinese hacking group, Microsoft says

Chinese hacking group

A recent report from Microsoft reveals that a Chinese hacking group, known as Storm-0558, has compromised the email accounts of more than two dozen organizations around the world, including government agencies in the US and Western Europe. The report, published on June 16, 2023, states that Microsoft began investigating these incidents after receiving reports from […]

Microsoft confirms PaperCut servers attacks linked to Cl0p and LockBit ransomware

PaperCut Servers

Users using PaperCut MF/NG, a popular print management software, may want to check if servers are up-to-date and secure. Microsoft has recently revealed that two notorious ransomware groups, Cl0p and LockBit, have been exploiting two critical vulnerabilities in PaperCut servers to breach corporate networks and steal sensitive data. Read: LockBit Ransomware Gang: A Threat to […]

Microsoft Introduces Bing Powered by OpenAI Language Model

This Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new version of its Bing search engine powered by a next-generation OpenAI language model, bringing a whole new level of intelligence to the search engine, making it faster and more accurate than ever. In the next lines, get to know about this new Microsoft step.  Read: Cyberthreats Around Valentine’s Day […]

Microsoft Office is at risk of homograph attacks

Microsoft Office is the suite of document applications offered by Microsoft for Windows, although now we can find its variables for tablets and smartphones. But although they are excellent tools to work with the different types of documents that exist, they are under threat of homograph attacks by cybercriminals. Learn the details in this article. […]

Microsoft finds several flaws in pre-installed apps on Android

When buying a new smartphone, it’s normal to come with pre-installed apps, especially those from phone operators or those installed by equipment manufacturers and those that have become a staple in every phone. But on many occasions, users do not fully understand that these apps can cause serious security flaws. Get all the details of […]

Microsoft announces release of Autopatch for businesses

As it’s well known, Windows’ parent company uses the second Tuesday of each month to release updates, which are intended to repair and patch any errors or failures in its operating systems and products. However, you have noticed that not all customers are compliant with these updates, especially those under the enterprise category. That is […]

Microsoft is Lapsus$’s latest victim

This time, the extortion group Lapsus$ went against Microsoft, obtaining around 40GB of information. Both parties confirmed and announced the attack, increasing this group’s danger, though there are not many details about them. This adds to the series of attacks on important profiles in the world. Learn more about this new security breach in the […]

Microsoft releases its March update package

Every few weeks, Microsoft releases a new update package to fix bugs and vulnerabilities, which is known as patching. This serves to protect users from possible failures or unwanted access to their systems and, therefore, their data. And it’s not just Microsoft that releases these packages; many companies do this. Learn more details in the […]

Microsoft discovers a variant of UpdateAgent malware for Mac computers

The team in charge of searching, recognizing, and investigating threats at Microsoft has found an undocumented Trojan that attacks and infects Mac computers called UpdateAgent. The most interesting thing, and what worries the team at the Windows company, is its ability to progress since its first appearance in September 2020. This article will show the […]