How Boeing’s Data Breach Exposed Its Vulnerability to Ransomware Attacks

Boing Logo

Boeing, one of the world’s leading aerospace companies, has suffered a major data breach at the hands of the LockBit ransomware gang. The hackers have published online a sample of the stolen data, which includes sensitive information about Boeing’s commercial airplanes and defense systems. The data leak occurred after Boeing failed to respond to the […]

Microsoft confirms PaperCut servers attacks linked to Cl0p and LockBit ransomware

PaperCut Servers

Users using PaperCut MF/NG, a popular print management software, may want to check if servers are up-to-date and secure. Microsoft has recently revealed that two notorious ransomware groups, Cl0p and LockBit, have been exploiting two critical vulnerabilities in PaperCut servers to breach corporate networks and steal sensitive data. Read: LockBit Ransomware Gang: A Threat to […]

LockBit Ransomware Reportedly Attacked Banco de Venezuela

Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, targeting various sectors and organizations around the world. One of the latest victims of this cyber threat is Banco de Venezuela, the largest bank in the country, which reportedly suffered a LockBit ransomware attack on April 19. Read: March 2023: A Record-Breaking Month for Ransomware Attacks How […]