The hacktivist group Guacamaya leaks 1TB of information about various armies in Latin America


This year, the well-known hacktivist group Guacamaya turned its sights towards the most important armies of this American region. It is not the first time this group has released sensitive information, which concerns environmental issues, corruption, and human rights (especially those towards women and ethnic groups). However, this time the hacked information shows data that […]

A former NSA employee was arrested for selling U.S. secrets

former NSA employee

A former employee of the United States National Security Agency (NSA) was arrested and charged with the crime of selling sensitive and classified information to a foreign spy. This is an interesting case since, again, it is human error that puts an American institution at risk. Read the details in the following lines. Read: WhatsApp […]

Meet DDoSecrets successor to Wikileaks


Julian Assange’s Wikileaks was a very shocking portal that caused a lot of havoc in the world. However, since the arrest of its creator, things in that area had calmed down. But in the year 2020, a new name, DDoSecrets (acronym for Distributed Denial of Secrets) started to emerge. Currently, this group is one of […]

Protect your bank information with these tips

bank information

Using online banking has become one of those things integrated into the routine. Users can check their corporate email, then move onto the personal one, read the latest news, send a funny meme to a friend through Facebook, and finally open their bank app. It sounds so easy and convenient not to step foot in […]