Data of more than 200 million Twitter accounts was leaked

These days Twitter has been under the spotlight, and not in a good way. There are many reasons, but the last one is the appearance of the data of more than 200 million Twitter accounts in a forum, where the emails of the same are revealed. This incident follows in the footsteps of the news […]

Cybercriminals take advantage of LinkedIn’s Smart Link feature

Cybercriminals are always looking for clever ways to trick users into giving up their card details and other credentials. In this case, a group has been targeting users from Slovakia who use LinkedIn’s Smart Link feature, so that they trust emails with this kind of attachment. Learn all the details in the following lines. Read: […]

Travel phishing grows with the summer arrival

For many users, summer is synonymous with travel and, in the north of the planet, this new season is very close. However, since it is a very recurrent topic, and one that has become a trend on the web, cybercriminals are alert to use the tourism industry and its variants to deceive the vast majority […]