How Hacktivists Fund Their Operations: A Cybercrime Perspective


Hacktivism is a form of online activism that uses hacking techniques to promote a political or ideological cause. Hacktivists may target websites, networks, or data of governments, corporations, or other entities that they oppose or want to expose. Read: How to Avoid NFTs Fraud: Tips from the FBI However, hacktivism is not only about disrupting […]

The Vice Society Cybercrime Group is the most impactful of 2022

After many studies and attacks this year, cybersecurity experts have managed to reveal that the group known as The Vice Society has had the most impact. Their movements and attacks have been concentrated in the education sector, but they have managed to attack other ones. In this article, we will talk about this group. Read: […]

Businesses must follow these cloud data security practices

Today, many businesses place their processes and operations on the services offered by the cloud. There are many clouds out there, even from top-tier companies such as Google and Microsoft, but all of them present security problems to some degree. For that reason, it’s highly recommended that businesses follow cloud data security practices to protect […]