Google Enables Real-Time Phishing Protection for All Chrome Users

Real-Time Phishing Protection on Google Chrome

Google is enabling real-time phishing protection for all Chrome users, a move that is expected to significantly improve the browser’s ability to defend against these increasingly sophisticated attacks. New Feature Aims to Protect Users from Evolving Phishing Attacks Phishing attacks are a type of social engineering attack in which attackers attempt to trick users into […]

Chrome is remotely controlled through malicious extensions

Google’s browser, Chrome, and Chromium-based browsers like Edge, are vulnerable to malicious extensions due to a bonnet called “Cloud9.” Through this method, they manage to steal online accounts, log keystrokes, inject ads and malicious JS code, and enlist the victim’s browser in DDoS attacks. To know the details, continue reading the following lines. Read: Dropbox […]

Passkeys, the future of passwords

Passwords are a necessary evil. Although they are needed, they can be a real headache. Cybersecurity experts like Eagle Tech Corp recommend having a different one for each account, but this becomes extremely complicated when there are so many to handle. For this reason, “passkeys” is now emerging: a new way of having better control […]

Emonet malware now attacks Chrome Browser

Emonet malware was widely named during the year 2020. However, after a major operation by the authorities, the attack infrastructure of this Trojan was dismantled. At the end of 2021, it appeared again, and this year it has been very active. It is currently attacking Chrome to steal users’ credit card information, which Google’s browser […]