Sony Interactive Entertainment Notifies Employees of Cybersecurity Breach

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the gaming division of Sony Corporation, has notified current and former employees and their family members about a cybersecurity breach that exposed personal information. The company sent the data breach notification to about 6,800 individuals, confirming that the intrusion occurred after an unauthorized party exploited a zero-day vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer platform.

MOVEit Transfer is a file transfer platform developed by Progress Software that businesses and organizations around the world use to share files securely. The zero-day vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer was discovered in May 2023, and Progress Software released a patch to fix the vulnerability on June 2, 2023.

SIE says that the unauthorized party exploited the zero-day vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer to gain access to its systems and download personal information. The exposed data may include names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and home addresses.

“On June 2, 2023, [we] discovered the unauthorized downloads, immediately took the platform offline, and remediated the vulnerability,” reads the notice. “An investigation was then launched with assistance from external cybersecurity experts. We also notified law enforcement,” Sony says in the data breach notification.

Sony has suffered two security breaches in the past four months. The second breach affected a server used for internal testing, and there is no indication that customer or business partner data was stored on the affected server.

Sony has taken steps to mitigate the damage from both breaches, including offering credit monitoring and identity restoration services to affected individuals. The company is also working with third-party forensics experts to investigate the breaches and identify the perpetrators.

Overall, the Sony security breaches are a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity for all organizations. Businesses need strong cybersecurity measures to protect their data and their customers’ personal information.

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