The hacktivist group Guacamaya leaks 1TB of information about various armies in Latin America

This year, the well-known hacktivist group Guacamaya turned its sights towards the most important armies of this American region. It is not the first time this group has released sensitive information, which concerns environmental issues, corruption, and human rights (especially those towards women and ethnic groups). However, this time the hacked information shows data that […]

A suspect of being part of Lapsus$ was arrested in Brazil

On October 19, the Brazilian Federal Police arrested a fellow citizen suspected of being part of Lapsus$, the cybercriminal group that has caused great havoc during the year to important companies around the world. There are several interesting details about this arrest and the subsequent investigation. This article will show what is happening around this […]

Verizon suffers a breach in its systems and warns affected users

The telecommunications company Verizon alerted an undisclosed number of users that they suffered a security breach, which led the attackers to obtain users’ credit card information, among other data. In addition to exposing these accounts to SIM swapping attacks. The company released its own statement, but some details do not match what was stated by […]

Passwords are becoming more insecure

There is always talk in the cybersecurity area about passwords since each platform asks us to have one, and it is recommended that they be different; never use the same one in two places. But, as technology advances, so do the ways to steal passwords. That’s why experts are looking for ways to know their […]

Meta finds 400 apps that steal Facebook credentials

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has released a statement showing the results of an investigation. This bulletin indicates, in detail, that 400 applications have put the credentials of almost a million users at risk, which can be found in both the Android and Apple stores. But there are more details which will be discussed […]

A former NSA employee was arrested for selling U.S. secrets

A former employee of the United States National Security Agency (NSA) was arrested and charged with the crime of selling sensitive and classified information to a foreign spy. This is an interesting case since, again, it is human error that puts an American institution at risk. Read the details in the following lines. Read: WhatsApp […]