Microsoft blocks macros in Office; cybercriminals change their technique

Microsoft blocks macros

Microsoft, the technology giant father of the Windows system and related products, has announced that it will block macros by default in its Office suite, which has led cybercriminals to look for new ways to trick users through files. This shift in malware distribution has been a novel test of hackers’ intelligence. In today’s article, […]

Meta takes action against cyberespionage groups that abuse its Facebook platform

Meta takes action

In recent months, there have been several cases of cyberespionage in different countries that use Facebook as their means of contact. Given this, Meta takes action against them, which led to interesting discoveries about these hackers’ working methods; they were exposed in its Quarterly Adversarial Threat Report. Read the details in the following lines! Read: […]

Solana suffers a hack with losses of around USD $5 million


Blockchain platforms, crypto-wallets, and cryptocurrencies are already very common. They have become part of everyday web movements and the vocabulary of many users. However, on rare occasions, when cybercriminals attack the systems of these platforms, users can lose a lot of money. This is the case today; Solana suffered a hack a few hours ago, […]

Twitter faces a data breach of 5.4 million accounts

a data breach

2022 has not been the best year for Twitter; from the problems it has had thanks to Elon Musk to breaches in its security, the little blue bird has been having a terrible few months. But that has not stopped its users from continuing to interact and share their thoughts. After all, in this network, […]