Notorious hackers of all time

Hackers had always taken advantage of the vulnerabilities found in any system or network, but several of them have become so famous that they are called “Notorious Hackers.” Some are quite easy to recognize, while others are not that famous, but they left their print on the hacking history. This article will show the five most notorious hackers of all time.

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Get to know the most notorious hackers of all time

These hackers were the pioneers in their field; they created the strategies and techniques to take a vulnerability and have access to any network and, thus, to any device connected to that network. Also, they were famous for reasons beyond the hacking part. Some even have become symbols for the “rebel” movements and, why not, part of pop culture. These are the most notorious hackers of all time:

Kevin Mitnick

This hacker is pretty famous for several reasons. First, he started very young, and in a time where people still didn’t understand computer systems. In 1981, he hacked Pacific Bell and got their computer manuals. Then, in 1982, he got to hack the North American Defense Command (NORAD), which later inspired the movie War Games. In 1989, he hacked the Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC), which was becoming an important computer manufacturer. This put Mitnick on the map. Later, he was arrested but, while in his conditional, he hacked Pacific Bell’s voicemail system. 

The interesting point of Mitnick’s work is that he never profited from the data and access he got. Some experts stated that Kevin didn’t do it for monetary compensation but more about that it could be done. He served in prison for wire and computer fraud. Now it is said that he turns to White Hat, but he could be in both gray-hats areas. 


This is a group of hackers under the name Anonymous; even when the FBI has got several of them, erasing and catching the entire group is hard because they don’t have an organization or hierarchy per se. Plus, they are highly focused on social justice. Their first target was the Church of Scientology. They have revealed several big scandals, and their symbol is the famous Guy Fawkes mask. 

Adrian Lamo 

This one is famous thanks to his form of living, earning the nickname of “The Homeless Hacker.” He lived on the streets only having a backpack with him and without a fixed address. In 2001, he used an unprotected complement in Yahoo to modify a Reuters article and change the statement of the former General Attorney John Ashcroft. His style was to attack a system and then notify the press and the victims. Later, he proceeded to help clean the mess and even upgrade the security. But, in 2002, he took everything to the next level to hack the New York Times’ intranet and added himself as part of the list of expert sources, and conducted several investigations about high-profile public figures. 

Albert González

He became famous thanks to his work as the best hacker and moderator of the site At 22 years old, he was arrested in New York for debit card fraud, thanks to stealing the data of millions of card accounts. He decided to avoid jail time, becoming an informant of the Secret Service to put down the Shadowcrew site and its members. One of his most famous attacks was to the TJX retailer, the first serial data breach of credit information, stealing more than $256 million.

These notorious hackers have been proving that nothing seems impossible for them, and with the years, they have become more and more refined with their techniques winning the match in the cybersecurity game. For that reason, at Eagle Tech Corp, we are more than ready to offer top-notch services for any system and network. Give us a call!

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