MacStealer: a new threat to macOS users that can steal passwords from iCloud Keychain

Mac users should pay attention to a new threat that is targeting their devices. Security researchers have discovered a new malware named MacStealer, and it can steal passwords and other sensitive data from the iCloud Keychain and web browsers. Read: An open-source bug caused a payment data leak on ChatGPT What is MacStealer? MacStealer is […]

How to recognize fake emails

Every person uses some type of email service, mostly when corporations give a new address to their employees. But, due to this high demand, fake emails are regularly used for phishing, tricking users into believing certain information that results in huge damage not only for the user but also for the organization. Recognizing these emails […]

Risky apps that can bring virus to devices

Apps make a device interesting; from keeping users informed to entertaining them, these apps can present many useful things, activities, and actions. But some of them can turn out to be risky apps for devices. Today’s article will be about those risky applications that could damage not only a device but also steal important and […]

What is network security?

Network security is the practice of preventing and protecting against unauthorized intrusion. In addition, it studies and evaluates how computer equipment interacts and the connectivity between them. To be protected against computer attacks, physical and preventive measures must be taken to safeguard the equipment, avoiding the destruction or incorrect disclosure of documents. In this way, […]