T-Mobile suffers an API data breach

Data breaches have become a common occurrence in the digital age. This time, it’s T-Mobile in the news for the wrong reasons, as hackers have managed to access the data of 37 million accounts of prepaid and postpaid clients belonging to the company. Everything was due to an API data breach. Learn more with the […]

T-Mobile confirms to have been a Lapsus$’s victim

Although it had been believed that the Lapsus$ extortion group had retired for a vacation, added to the news that several of its members were arrested, including the alleged leader, it turns out that between March and April they have been very active with other attacks on important companies. In this case, T-Mobile, dedicated to […]

T-Mobile Faced Its Second Cyberattack

T-Mobile was the victim of a cyberattack last summer, but they couldn’t end the year with good news. In December, they were again the target of cybercriminals, ready to get a hold of their customers’ data. This time, the attack was over a small number of accounts, but it only proves that the company continues […]

T-Mobile is a new victim of a cyberattack

This past Monday, the American mobile operator T-Mobile was the newest victim of a cyberattack. The attack put into a vulnerable position not only the company but all its users and their data. There hasn’t been lots of information, but this new cyberattack is just the newest one in a series of attacks that have […]