Healthcare provider ILS suffered a data breach affecting 4.2 million people

Healthcare provider ILS

Healthcare provider ILS (Independent Living Systems), a Miami-based healthcare administration and managed care solutions services, suffered a data breach that exposed the personal information of 4.2 million individuals. Read: The impact of a year-long cyberattack on LA Housing Authority According to a statement issued by the company, an unauthorized actor obtained access to certain systems […]

The U.S. Marshals Service Investigates Ransomware Attack

The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), a bureau within the Justice Department, recently revealed that it is investigating a ransomware attack that affected “a stand-alone USMS system.” The USMS is responsible for apprehending fugitives, protecting federal judges, assuring the safety of government witnesses and their families, and managing seized assets. They said the attack occurred on […]

Colombian Company Audifarma Suffers Cyberattack


Audifarma, one of the largest drugstore chains in Latin America, recently suffered an external cyberattack that forced them to disable their physical and virtual servers to protect the organization’s and users’ information, taking their website and app are also out of service. This article will explain the details of the attack, the response from Audifarma, […]

Preventing ransomware attacks

preventing ransomware attacks

With the severity of ransomware attacks, the question always remains: is it possible to prevent them? In the case of such invasive malware, and with almost complete control, it seems impossible, but that’s not the case! When it comes to these attacks, it is not only losing important photos or documents, but situations that manage […]

Learn the ransomware definition

ransomware definition

Ransomware is a popular malware affecting Windows computers or Windows systems. However, it can also affect Mac systems and iOS devices. Ransomware continues to grow; it has been recognized as viral since 2000 but, in reality, it has had many types of victims for more than 30 years. It is considered that the first attack […]

Los Angeles school district was the victim of a ransomware attack

Los Angeles school district

The second largest school district in the United States fell victim to a ransomware attack this past weekend. Los Angeles school district took immediate action, going as far as shutting down all of its computer systems. However, this attack is just one of many that have taken place in the country, specifically targeting educational institutions […]

Microsoft announces release of Autopatch for businesses


As it’s well known, Windows’ parent company uses the second Tuesday of each month to release updates, which are intended to repair and patch any errors or failures in its operating systems and products. However, you have noticed that not all customers are compliant with these updates, especially those under the enterprise category. That is […]

Problems in Windows Due to The ZERO DAY Exploit

The vulnerabilities only keep increasing, creating breaches in any system and device. In this case, we have another ZERO DAY exploit affecting Microsoft’s operating systems. 2021 has not been an easy year for the tech giant. Today’s article will review the effects of this exploit; read on! ZERO DAY exploit affects Windows 10, 11, and […]