Most used techniques to steal bank details

steal bank details

Digital banking has become a widely used tool in recent years. After all, who doesn’t like to have quick access to all their financial products with a single account, and at their fingertips? But, precisely because they have this digital footprint, it is very easy for many cybercriminals to steal users’ bank details. This article […]

Nearly 2,000 Signal accounts were compromised by Twilio’s hack


Signal is a very popular messaging app, thanks to its end-to-end encryption feature. However, this Monday, they announced in a statement that the hack suffered in Twilio at the beginning of the month affected almost 2,000 Signal accounts. All the details will be disclosed in this article. Read: Cisco confirms hack last May Twilio’s hack […]

Toei Animation suffers a delay in its schedule due to a hack

Toei Animation

The Japanese company, Toei Animation, has suffered a delay in the release schedule of new episodes due to the unidentified access of a third party. This hack has turned the company upside down, and it continues to investigate how it happened and all the repercussions it brings. Many fans are somewhat surprised, but at the […]