Swiss government hit by double cyberattack: ransomware and DDoS

Swiss government

The Swiss government has disclosed that a recent ransomware attack on an IT supplier might have impacted its data, while days later, it warned that it was targeted in DDoS attacks. The IT supplier in question is Xplain, a Swiss technology provider that supplies software solutions to various government departments, administrative units, and even the […]

Cyberattack disrupts Philadelphia Inquirer ‘s print and online operations

Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer, a historic and prominent daily newspaper in the United States, is working on restoring systems impacted by what was described as a cyberattack that hit its network over the weekend. The attack, which was first detected on Saturday morning, disrupted the print production of the Sunday edition and forced staff members to […]

North Korea’s cyberattack on Seoul hospital exposed

Seoul hospital

In a shocking cyberattack, North Korean hackers have breached the network of one of the country’s largest hospitals, Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), to steal sensitive medical information and personal details of hundreds of thousands of people. The incident occurred between May and June 2021, but the police only revealed it recently after a two-year […]

Royal Ransomware Attacks the City of Dallas

City of Dallas

The City of Dallas is facing a major cyberattack that has disrupted its IT services and affected its emergency response systems. The attack, which occurred on Wednesday morning, was carried out by a group called Royal ransomware, which is known for using custom-made encryption and demanding high ransoms from its victims. Learn all the details […]

LockBit Ransomware Gang: A Threat to Businesses Worldwide

LockBit Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts the victim’s data and demands a ransom for its decryption. LockBit is one of the most active and dangerous ransomware gangs in the world, targeting businesses of all sizes and sectors. Get to know everything about this threat in the following lines.  Read: March 2023: A […]

WH Smith Suffers Major Data Breach

Recently surfaced that British retailer, WH Smith, has suffered a data breach that exposed information belonging to current and former employees. It operates 1,700 locations across the United Kingdom and employs over 12,500 people, reporting a revenue of $1.67 billion in 2022. Know the details in the following lines.  Read: The U.S. Marshals Service Investigates […]

Reddit Suffers Cyberattack

Reddit, one of the world’s most popular websites, suffered a cyberattack on Sunday evening, allowing hackers to access internal business systems and steal internal documents and source code. The following lines will explain the details.  The cyberattack that affected Reddit The company revealed that the hackers employed a phishing lure, targeting Reddit staff with a […]

Colombian Company Audifarma Suffers Cyberattack

Audifarma, one of the largest drugstore chains in Latin America, recently suffered an external cyberattack that forced them to disable their physical and virtual servers to protect the organization’s and users’ information, taking their website and app are also out of service. This article will explain the details of the attack, the response from Audifarma, […]

University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany is the new victim of Vice Society

In November last year, the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) in Germany suffered a system breach. This breach was so great that it forced the institution to rebuild its IT infrastructure again, which is still ongoing today. After almost two months, the Vice Society group claims its authorship, publishing the stolen documents on its Tor site. […]

Fire Rescue Victoria in Australia are the new victims of the Vice Society group

The Vice Society group was one of the most active in 2022 and one of the most damaging with its Ransomware attacks. Its latest victim was the Fire Rescue Victoria, a state in Australia. Although the emergency services were not affected, their internal system was the one that took the biggest hit. Read all the […]