Play Store brings back the Android app permissions section

app permissions

A few weeks ago, Google announced that it was removing the app permissions section in its Android system, and even in the web version of the Play Store. However, these days they decided to retract this change and return to the previous version. Learn more details in the following lines. Read: Risks of connecting to […]

The US FCC asks to remove TikTok from app stores


The data protection of each user on digital platforms has become a matter of great concern. With each passing week, new sites and social networks are emerging where users want to register without fully understanding the implications of sharing their information. Since TikTok is rising in popularity, many countries have taken precautions because the app […]

Businesses must follow these cloud data security practices

cloud data security practices

Today, many businesses place their processes and operations on the services offered by the cloud. There are many clouds out there, even from top-tier companies such as Google and Microsoft, but all of them present security problems to some degree. For that reason, it’s highly recommended that businesses follow cloud data security practices to protect […]

GriftHorse is the new malware to steal bank information


GriftHorse is the new malware that is causing trouble for users of Android smartphones. This is not the first or last malware that could appear on those devices. However, this can cause many damages, not only monetarily, but also the constant notifications and different features that activate on them. Keep reading to find out more! […]