Cybersecurity SMB Packages

With Eagle Tech Corp, your nest will always be safe and protected. We can provide you with different packages and individual services that adjust perfectly to your business needs.


  • This bundle will protect your organization information and data whit the most effective procedures, in a easy way. With the Sentinel on your patrol we will see the threats from far away and let you know when a ambush is comming, acting quickly to prevent it.


  • This bundle will take care of your organization with advanced and effective procedures. With the Guardian on your watch, you will be safe from any bushwhack that might come, protecting you before it happens and solving any one that comes into your business .


  • This bundle will defend your organization in the most sophisticated way all the time. With the Paladin on your guard, you will be protected from all angles and any waylay that might come will be stopped before it can get inside your business.
Cybersecurity Suite
Service Desk Business Hours(8x5)
Network/PC/Mobile Management 24/7
Professional Services
Vendor Management
Training and Workshops
IT Asset Management
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Unlimited Collaboration Suite Backup
Modern Security Operation Center 24/7
Cyber Security Liability Insurance
Dark Web Credentials Monitoring
Password Management Platform
Cyber Risk intelligence Dashboard
Incident Response Team
Dedicated Technology Alignment Manager
Virtual CISO/CTO
Phising and Security Awareness
Zero-Threat Prevention
IT Standards and Procedures
Compliances Manager