Classic but effective advice to prevent viruses and cyberattacks

Classic but effective advice

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash At Eagle Tech, we are always willing to help all those who need security in their systems. Still, for each user, it is necessary to remember from time to time those classic but effective advice to keep their computers and networks safe. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout to […]

Microsoft reveals that hackers are using Google Ads to distribute Royal Ransomware

Royal Ransomware

In a recent report, Microsoft has revealed that a group is carrying out threatening activities, which are in development to distribute Royal Ransomware through Google Ads. This ransomware is relatively new, but it is already doing a lot of damage to the systems where it is used. The following lines will explain more about this […]

Meta fires dozens of employees for helping to recover accounts fraudulently


The Wall Street Journal just reported that Meta had to fire more than two dozen employees and contractors for fraudulently using a service only internal workers have access to. In the following lines, it will be explained how everything happened in the mother company of Facebook. Read: North Korean hackers are using a Dtrack malware […]

North Korean hackers are using a Dtrack malware update


Hackers linked to the North Korean government are using an update of the Dtrack malware in the form of a backdoor. This time, their victims are in European and Latin American countries focused on education, chemical manufacturing, governmental research centers and policy institutes, IT service providers, utility providers, and telecommunication firms. Read all about these […]

Researcher was rewarded with $70,000 for solving a flaw in Google Pixel Smartphones

Pixel Smartphones

Security researcher David Schütz was rewarded by Google after he discovered a serious flaw in the tech giant’s Pixel smartphones. This reward was given in cash and reached $70,000, and although the flaw was reported in June of this year, it was not disclosed until this month as part of the giant’s monthly Android update. […]

Chrome is remotely controlled through malicious extensions

malicious extensions

Google’s browser, Chrome, and Chromium-based browsers like Edge, are vulnerable to malicious extensions due to a bonnet called “Cloud9.” Through this method, they manage to steal online accounts, log keystrokes, inject ads and malicious JS code, and enlist the victim’s browser in DDoS attacks. To know the details, continue reading the following lines. Read: Dropbox […]

Dropbox suffered a security breach through phishing


The Dropbox storage service confirmed that it suffered a security breach in mid-October, all due to a phishing attack that targeted one of its employees. Thanks to these credentials, the attackers had access to the GitHub repositories and stole several pieces of information. Find out the details in the following lines. Read: Passkeys, the future […]

Passkeys, the future of passwords


Passwords are a necessary evil. Although they are needed, they can be a real headache. Cybersecurity experts like Eagle Tech Corp recommend having a different one for each account, but this becomes extremely complicated when there are so many to handle. For this reason, “passkeys” is now emerging: a new way of having better control […]