Ukrtelecom suffers a cyberattack in the middle of war

Ukrtelecom is the largest national internet operator in Ukraine, and at the end of March, it suffered a major cyberattack, which is already associated with the war that is being waged between this country and Russia. Although the entire service was not totally attacked, a part was affected. More details of what happened will be given in today’s article.

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Details of connectivity loss at Ukrtelecom

During the entire time that the conflict between the two nations has lasted, both sides have received cyberattacks. But Ukraine has borne the brunt, especially its main internet operator at a national level: Ukrtelecom. For several weeks, it has been receiving smaller-scale cyberattacks that have put its capacity at around 80%.

However, at the end of March, it suffered its worst attack, which led to connectivity being placed at 13%. Accordin

g to a BBC report, the rest of the national operators have not suffered any damage to their infrastructure. But since Ukrtelecom is the operator serving government departments, they were the perfect target.

“In order to protect critical network infrastructure and not disrupt services to the Armed Forces, other military, and critical infrastructure users, we were forced to temporarily restrict Internet access to most private users and business customers,” Yurii Shchyhol explained in a statement.

This operator has been owned by the Ukrainian government since 2010 and its headquarters are in Kyiv, the country’s capital. The operator’s technicians were aware of the attack by confirming that the connectivity problem was not due to cables or interconnections, but rather that it came from the central servers.

Hours after the attack was confirmed, connectivity was recovered around 80%, but some flaws still persist, coming from other cybercriminal attempts. Ukrtelecom is one of the base operators in the country and on which many government entities and a large part of the population depend to stay connected in these times of high technology and conflict. But at the same time, their quick response demonstrates the force that Ukraine has imposed for weeks to confront Russia.

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Ukrtelecom, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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