T-Mobile Faced Its Second Cyberattack

T-Mobile was the victim of a cyberattack last summer, but they couldn’t end the year with good news. In December, they were again the target of cybercriminals, ready to get a hold of their customers’ data. This time, the attack was over a small number of accounts, but it only proves that the company continues presenting big security breaches. Keep reading to know more about this attack.

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This second cyberattack is a strong blow after the summer attack

The second cyberattack on T-Mobile implied a smaller stolen data, but customers fell victim to a SIM swapping attack, allowing criminals to bypass the two-factor authentication. The report showed that the data contained personal plan information such as billing account name, phone, and account number, or how many lines were associated with that account.

Considering that the ones who took credit for the first attack said that T-Mobile cybersecurity were “awful,” customers were expecting an upgrade on their security, but turned out on another attack, which puts under the spotlight the importance of cybersecurity for every single company out there. This time, the attack wasn’t that big, and customers were able to regain access quickly, but T-Mobile needs to work harder to upgrade their security practices.

Sadly, the company denied at first the attack, and “No comments” was their favorite answer for those first hours. The summer attack was a huge breach where more than 50 million customer’s data was exposed, including social security numbers, names, and even dates of birth. However, both attacks exposed the huge weakness of T-Mobile: they really need to invest in stronger cybersecurity systems to protect their customer’s data.

T-Mobile is another proof of the importance of cybersecurity. Now, many companies are investing strongly in cybersecurity systems. But this goes beyond the systems; cybersecurity is also about educated workers and professionals on good practices. Keep in touch with our blog to read the latest news and innovations in the cybersecurity world.

T-Mobile faces its second attack.

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