Problems in Windows Due to The ZERO DAY Exploit

The vulnerabilities only keep increasing, creating breaches in any system and device. In this case, we have another ZERO DAY exploit affecting Microsoft’s operating systems. 2021 has not been an easy year for the tech giant. Today’s article will review the effects of this exploit; read on!

ZERO DAY exploit affects Windows 10, 11, and Server

Microsoft has spent the year fighting problem after problem, which is a bit daunting, considering that they presented their new OS Windows 11 to the world this year. A new ZERO DAY exploit has kept the company always on the alert, as it attacks not only the new system, but also affects the 10 and Server.

The well-known researcher Abdelhamid Nacer was in charge of finding the vulnerability and reporting it. This exploit grants cybercriminals administrator privileges on any device that uses these systems. These privileges are very delicate, and with them, a person can do practically anything on any device, even having access to personal information such as a photo gallery, email accounts, social networks, and, most dangerously, bank details.

One of the most alarming details of this exploit is that it managed to circumvent the security patch that Microsoft had released in November under the name CVE-2021-41379. Redmont’s company has been working on a new security patch and more robust updates to stop these exploits.

Windows has had a lot of problems in the last few months

Microsoft has always faced a myriad of vulnerabilities, but this year was critical for them because they didn’t finish patching one when they were already finding another breach. This is worrisome not only for their professionals but also for cybersecurity experts. For them, it is always important to review how large technology companies face and solve these vulnerabilities.

It is expected that the company that created Windows will only show more advancements in terms of security as it advances its new OS. But this will not be the last ZERO DAY exploit to be seen in the digital world, so being on the alert and having the latest updates installed is of the utmost importance for everyone’s cybersecurity. Keep in touch with our blog to read the latest news and innovations in the cybersecurity world.

Windows is having a problem with the ZERO DAY exploit.

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