Risky apps that can bring virus to devices

Apps make a device interesting; from keeping users informed to entertaining them, these apps can present many useful things, activities, and actions. But some of them can turn out to be risky apps for devices. Today’s article will be about those risky applications that could damage not only a device but also steal important and delicate data.

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These risky apps are considered dangerous for devices

Right now, many people use smartphones for pretty much everything. For some, it is a way of entertainment; for others, it is the perfect way of communication and a work tool. But, for exactly that reason, delicate and important information can be found on those devices. And many users are well versed on how to control their finances just with a simple app. However, there are other types of risky apps that can put any device in danger; check them out!


Several browsers are not that good for devices. This can come for several reasons, like hiding important data and working on encryption aspects. If any person is using the incognito tab with browsers like Dolphin, every information can be displayed. Other ones like UC Browser have deeper problems with encryption, so it’s super dangerous to have it on smartphones.


This is one of the most disliked and risky apps for both Android and iOS. This is a crowdsourced caller-ID software program. Yes, it helps to identify the calls, but the user must accept to upload the whole contact listing, with names, cell phone numbers, emails, and even location information of some customers, onto its servers. The people on that list never consent to have their information on a third-party app’s server, which turns into a total mess.

Cleaner apps

Many people can recommend or are desperate for cleaner apps, because now many know that cached files and data only consume the device memory. But, what few truly know, is that many of these apps don’t work as they stated. Actually, some of them can damage the device. For that reason, many companies are starting to integrate a feature that allows users to clean their phone from an in-house app or from the configuration. 

Antivirus apps

When talking about risky apps, antivirus is at the top of the problem. Many of these apps offer different features but don’t fulfill what they offer. For antivirus, the best is to go with the same brand used on the computer or trust on Google Play Protect, which is enabled in any Android device. 

VPN apps

VPNs are complicated, especially if the user doesn’t understand the real purpose of this connection. Many of the VPN apps are full of trash or ads, and that can be an issue. Besides, many just offer little protection. Now, we can find companies enabling VPN protection directly with an in-house app, just like Samsung is showing with their latest upgrades. 

These risky apps can put any device in great danger; just be careful to read comments and other users’ experiences before downloading an app, and always trust the recommendation given by the editors of the app stores. At Eagle Tech Corp, we are ready to protect any organization or system. Contact us!

risky apps
These risky apps can be a threat to any device.

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