Hackers? Who are they?

Hackers are people who know computer programs and equipment, and enter computer systems to cause harm. But there are other types of hackers whose permanent job is to detect and correct security flaws in computer systems.

Hackers know network programming and easily break into the computers of public and private technology companies stealing and damaging documents, programs, and projects. In this way, they cause significant economic losses.

However, today there is a marked difference between hackers and crackers. They are identified with different characteristics, based on the activities they carry out.

But this is not entirely true since hackers are also considered as people who detect security flaws in a computer or network and perform work for cybersecurity companies.

What is a hacker?

Traditionally, hackers are known for damaging computers and computer systems. Still, they can also detect security flaws in a computer or network and perform work for cybersecurity companies, so their actions are not always illegal.

Types of hackers and their activities

To make a difference, criminals have been called crackers who can steal sensitive or confidential information from computers or public and private information systems.

However, such a difference is not entirely accepted in the computer world because, for a long time, the so-called hackers were those who identified themselves as criminals or hackers.

In any case, hackers and crackers exist, either to test the effectiveness of a security code or to steal sensitive information.

We should not ignore that they are very intelligent, resourceful computer professionals who can break security codes and enter computers or computer systems without authorization. They can hack without any difficulty.

Despite the negative connotation of hackers, they could be seen in a positive way when they help companies find flaws in security codes. Those who do this job are known as white hat hackers.

Hackers have great knowledge of network programming and easily break into computers of public or private companies and steal information.

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