What does hack mean

When a person enters a computer or a private computer system without authorization, this is considered a hack. This person can steal your information and damage your computer. This action is called hacking.

Those who engage in this illegal activity are known as hackers. They know programming, and they are very intelligent and curious. Contrary to what many believe, these hackers are well trained in the use of programs and computers.

Common types of device and network hacking

In this world of hackers, there is no official rating. But you can identify the so-called:

  • White hats
  • Black hats
  • Gray hats

The first ones, when they hack, they do it to verify their security protocols. They generally belong to a technology company that designs the protection program. These white hats are also known as ethical hackers.

Black hat hackers are considered criminals. They enter the system to destroy, steal information. In addition, they prevent users from accessing their computing equipment.

Gray hat hackers are people who detect weaknesses in a security system and notify the company. They are not part of the staff of that company, but they notify the network administrator.

Where do piracy and its legality come from?

Hack” is a word widely used in computing; according to the Oxford English Dictionary: “comes from a verb that was first known in English around 1200. It means: ” to cut with strong blows irregularly or randomly.”

And Jesse Sheidlower, president of the American Dialect Society, takes a different approach. He says it means: “work on a technology problem and do it in a way that is not described in a manual.”

In any case, it is important to point out the difference between what is considered a legal and illegal attack.

The legal forms of hacking are access tests related to the evaluation of access to:

  • Cybersecurity protocols
  • Web applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobile devices
  • Mobile apps

And the forms of illegal piracy are as follows:

  • Hack for fun.
  • Piracy for political purposes.
  • Organized crime.
  • Piracy to gain notoriety.

In this way, we can see that hacking can be considered legal or illegal work depending on the purposes of the person dedicated to this activity.

To avoid damaging computers, it is essential to place security keys.

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