State and Local Solutions


State and Local Governments exercise important functions that impact the daily lives of citizens. From K12 education and schools, to providing public safety through police, fire and judicial services, state and local government agencies perform some of the most essential functions that directly affect all of us every day.

The Great Recession had a profound impact on state and local government funding, resources and services. The continuing economic situation creates problems for states when demand for services from citizens continues to grow.

Eagle Tech's Capability Statement

Modernizing Aging Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions

The infrastructure in all IT ecosystems is the engine that drives operations.

For government agencies, public expectations for faster and efficient services combined with the adoption of new tools and platforms, require these agencies to upgrade and consolidate their network infrastructure.

Outdated and aging infrastructures affect business operations, can slow recovery efforts after a disaster, are costly to repair due to outdated parts, and are more expensive for IT managers to operate and manage.

In the Center for Digital Government’s most recent Public CIO report, 45% of the state CIO’s that were surveyed reported that an update to their current IT infrastructure will be necessary in the next 12 months.

Eagle Tech Solutions will help local governments overcome these challenges